About Us

Penchem is a wholly owned Malaysian manufacturer that is humble in its roots and believes in its people and their greatness in achieving finest of innovation. We design and manufacture advanced materials for electronic and automotive industries. We are located in Penang, Malaysia a strategic location to serve customers in the Far East, Europe and the USA since 1999.

Our depth of innovation has deepened and flourished into superior solutions with a versatile range of advanced material products. These includes LED encapsulation silicones, LED epoxies, thermal conductive materials, silver electrical conductive pastes, fast cure UV adhesives and customized products.

Our tailor-made solutions are high in quality and formulated fast, keeping customer satisfaction in heart and creating value for money. Just like our solutions, we have strong bonds with our customers by establishing a lasting long-term partnership with them. Therefore, we strive to provide equal standards of services to all business sizes; no order is ever too small for us. We have the confidence that our customers and their projects will continuously grow.